a tree planting program

We believe in the importance of sustainability and recognize trees’ role in protecting the environment.
As such, we are excited to announce our collaboration
with Friends of Thai Daughters to initiate a tree-planting program to enhance global greenery.
This initiative aims to promote sustainable practices and reduce our carbon footprint. With our combined efforts, we want to positively impact the environment and inspire others to do the same. Working together we can create a better future for ourselves and future
generations. Join us in our mission to protect the planet and create a sustainable future by supporting the Friends of Thai Daughters.

Price: 550 THB


At Reu Doo Gaan Restaurant to select your tree of choice.

Dress in light casual clothing with covered shoes to the Visama Forest.

Your selective choices of trees that are native to the region and help sustain our forests

  • Long Kong (Lansium Demesticum)
  • Trumpet Tree (Dolichandrone serrulata)
  • Yang/ Garjan/ Gurjan (Dipterocarpus alatus Roxb)
  • Chinese Chesnut (Castanea mollissima)
  • Planting Socket/Planting Boot)


  • Learn safe lifting procedures.
  • Select appropriate tools for the task.
  • Wear appropriate footwear.
  • Wear clothing appropriate to the hot and cold weather.

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