Archery is a sport that can be enjoyed by everyone!
At Visama, there is a unique pleasure associated with
every moment of the day. Archery, an activity known
for centuries, has retained its traditional charm. If
you’ve never tried it, why not try it this time? Join a
friendly session with a qualified guide and enjoy
archery target practice.


At Lobby 10 minutes prior activity time

Dressing for Archery

Light comfortable clothing, sunscreen and maybe a nice cap or sunhat. Comfortable covered casual or running shoes ideal.

Archery Service and Equipment

  • Visama Archery Court & Equipment
  • Our professional archery instructor
  • Refreshing Drinks
  • Cool Towels

Preparation and Safety instructions for Archers

  • Have a proper archery target.
  • Have a safe secondary backstop.
  • Inspect the arrow.
  • Match your arrows to your bow.
  • Don’t shoot at a high angle in the air.
  • Archery safety rules for beginners, check your archery equipment.
  • Check your regulations and rules.
  • Adjusting the compound bow’s draw weight.
  • Stringing the bow safely.
  • Broadhead arrow safety.

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