Art & Craft Workshop

At Visama, we understand that life can be stressful and unwinding is necessary. Here, you can enjoy limitless activities. We recommend trying painting or making handmade clay pots. These activities can help you relax and rejuvenate.


3,250 THB (Acrylic)
3,250 THB (Coffee)

Dress code for the Artist

Comfortable casual clothing and for your protection we provide a Visama Artists Apron. For cooler days you may want to bring a scarf or light sweater. Casual shoes that are comfortable ideal.

The ingredients for your work of art to come to life!

  • Local Professional Instructor
  • Apron
  • Full set of equipment
  • Painting by Coffee Set
  • Painting for Acrylic Set
  • Lanna Flag (Tung Sai Moo) Making Set
  • Clay Molding Set

Your Visama Art Journey

  • Learn the right techniques.
  • Look for safer alternatives.
  • Keep materials in their original containers.
  • Always follow the safety instructions on the labels.

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