Bike & Hike Adventure

If you are looking for an adventurous mountain bike tour, the scenic Visama nearby is a great option. The tour takes you through diverse landscapes, and the natural beauty surrounding the route is breathtaking.

You will come across hillsides covered with rice fields
and local villages, adding to the overall charm of the region. During the tour, you will also stop at a hilltop
access point to enjoy a private bar designed especially
for you.


1,200 THB (Child)
2,000 THB (Adult)


At lobby 10 minutes prior activity time


For Mountain Bikers recommend shorts with running or exercise shoes, light casual clothing, apply sunscreen and wear sunglasses braced in place by your bike helmet which we will provide.

For Hikers we recommend stronger covered shoes and long trousers and for longer hikes long sleeves for sun protection.

Your Mountain Bike Tour preparation

  • Visama Mountain Bicycle
  • Bike Helmet
  • Riding Knee & Elbow Guard
  • Mountain Bike Gloves
  • Refreshing Drinks by Private Bar
  • Sunscreen

Safety Tips for all levels of Mountain Biking and Hiking

  • Our mountain bike leader will conduct a pre-tour safety briefing to insure you under stand safety rules of biking.
  • Protect Your Head. Wear a Helmet.
  • Set your bike seat height, our Event Team will check bike brakes, tires and function prior each outing and describe usage to you.
  • Ride with care and safe distance to other bikers and follow our Mountain bike leader instructions.
  • Be Visible. Exercise care in signaling left or right turns safely.

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