Union of Body & Mind

Visama invites you to embrace your inner peace and start your Sunday mornings off right with a 1-hour yoga class. Breathe in the fresh air and let your body relax, as you prepare for a day of tranquility and balance. Yoga mats and drinking water are provided to ensure a comfortable and rejuvenating experience for all guests

Price: 3,000 THB


At lobby 10 minutes prior activity time

Dress for Yoga

Ladies may want to wear yoga outfit with leotards or shorts.

Gentlemen we recommend shorts and ordinary exercise gear. We provide towels and drinks.

Your Yoga Class

  • Local Professional Yoga Instructor
  • Resistance Band
  • Cork Mat
  • Refreshing Drinks
  • Towels

Principles for enjoying a great yoga session

  • Avoid seeing Yoga as a competition — even with yourself
  • Listen to your body and be in the moment
  • Challenge yourself, don’t strain yourself
  • Forget about what you used to do
  • Don’t buy into “no pain, no gain”
  • Choose function over form
  • Find the intersection of focus and ease in your postures
  • Seek out a Yoga teacher who respects your limits
  • Find your personal comfort zone
  • Give yourself the benefit of time and allow Yoga to unfold

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