An exceptional experience for our guests is special evenings at the Ambalama – The Ambalama is an ancient space for guests and travelers to gather and socialize. In ancient times, guests would meet around a fireplace to exchange ideas, debate, and have lively conversations, leading to great connections over time.

In various parts of Asia, the Ambalama as a gathering place has existed for a very long time – in Sri Lanks, for example, Ambalamas built 2000 years ago can still be found. In Thailand, we refer to these as Salas; the only difference is that the Ambalama is open air around a fireplac

The Ambalama at Visama is a unique venue for Cinema Paradiso Evenings – for screenings of great movies under the starlit skies of Mae Chan. Our Tented Camp Team hosts an evening to welcome our guests and friends every week. For special events, from weddings to parties in the open countryside, nothing beats an evening in the Ambalama @ Visama.


Our Visama Daily News bulletin will highlight these events, and our Tented Camp Team will be sure you are up-to-date.



For reservations, please contact your Camp Hosts at the Reception area in the Bar Amrut.

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